Dog Training Classes

Effective May 1st, registration for all public dog training classes will be placed on hold until 2017. While it has always been our pleasure to serve our community in assisting with training their canine family members, we have decided to dedicate our resources for the remainder of the year in training the pets currently residing at the San Antonio Humane Society.

We understand that not all the dogs that come into our shelter are as sociable or obedient as some adopters may hope for. These over-excited, fearful, or noncompliant dogs have a greater chance of getting overlooked, despite their potential for being great and trainable companions. Some pooches just need a little extra attention to earn their “good dog” stamp of approval!

This is why, in lieu of public dog training, we’ve decided that the most beneficial move for our pets is to place all focus on our Volunteer Dog Training Program.

During this program, dedicated and enthused volunteers will spend time training our shelter dogs to become more calm, compliant and social. Greater time spent with our dogs means a greater chance of adoption.

Those interested in volunteering at the San Antonio Humane Society and becoming a part of the Volunteer Dog Training Program can find more information and orientation dates here.