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Receiving Facility at ACS
The San Antonio Humane Society and Animal Care Services are partnering in order to save more lives, together. As a result of this partnership, ACS has provided the SAHS with a building onsite for our exclusive use, the SAHS Receiving Facility at ACS.

Please call (210) 226-7461 (select option 3) on the day you wish to bring the pet in to find out if we have space available and where to go! We will update the message every morning at 8:30.

In addition to our onsite receiving facility at Animal Care Services, we are transferring dogs and cats from the ACS kennels and cattery back to the San Antonio Humane Society. We believe utilizing our onsite receiving facility and transfer program is the best way to save more lives, together.

Marble - Adopted
At Animal Care Services, our staff found a dog in the kennels they couldn’t walk away from. After transferring the dog to SAHS, Marble, happy as could be, was examined and found to have a leg injury. Thanks to the generous donors of our Michaels Medical Rescue Fund, we are able to help. Marble is currently being cared for here at the SAHS as she undergoes treatment. She is doing well, showing lots of love to our staff and sharing more of her friendly personality every day. Stay tuned for updates on Marble; we look forward to sharing her progress.


Update (May 23):
Marble went home with her new family today.

Marble with new family

Update (May 17):
After many weeks of nursing Marble back to health from her broken leg, we are happy to say that Marble is now cast free and ready to be “best friend” to someone. She is very energetic and does not like to be alone, so SAHS suggests kennel training so all will be happy and safe! Come by and visit her today!

Marble Marble

Update (February 22):
Marble is feeling lively and loveable as her leg continues to heal. She has been handing out hugs to our staff members and enjoying all the belly rubs she’s been receiving. We can tell she is feeling great and looking forward to the day when she is cast free!

Marble Marble

Update (February 15):
Marble has been playing with lots of toys, sharing her love with our staff and volunteers, and catching up on her beauty sleep (as if she needed it) these past couple of weeks as her leg continues to heal. Every two weeks she has her cast changed and is excited to pose for photos with her new colored cast. The healing process is going well and Marble is as happy and upbeat as always!

Marble Marble

Update (January 24):
Marble had x-rays taken which confirmed that her leg was broken. Her leg was casted and she is happy showing off her new yellow cast and improved mobility.  She’s now resting comfortably at the shelter and getting spoiled by our staff and volunteers while her leg heals. We hope she’ll make a speedy and full recovery.

Marble Marble

On January 12, 2012 the SAHS transferred in a kitten named Phoebe from Animal Care Services who looked as if she had a story to tell.  We saw Phoebe in the kennels at ACS and right away noticed the majority of her right ear was missing, along with the tip of her tail, and she had scars on her face and a puncture wound to her left side. We transferred this 4.5 month kitten to SAHS and the very next day she was adopted out. We’re sure it won’t be long before her new family will hardly notice her scars, as her personality takes center stage. Congratulations to Phoebe and her new family; we love connecting friends for life!

Phoebe Phoebe Adopted

Check back to see our featured ACS transfer pets. Every pet has a story to tell, lucky for us we are able to help them share.

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