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Community Outreach Team
Info booths, adoption events, block walks, my oh my!  We are looking for independent and outgoing volunteers to help distribute promotional materials, take photos, help with event setup & breakdown, and represent the SAHS in a fun and professional manner at a wide variety of events throughout the city. Help our animals find loving homes by caring for and socializing those at adoption events and join us at info booths and block walks to educate the community about pet responsibility, spay/neuter services, vaccinations, etc. 

Dog Kennels
Our adult dogs are awesome! With all different ages, sizes, and personalities of our adoptable dogs, volunteers experience firsthand what it’s like to care for, socialize, and help to introduce the dogs to their new family. Volunteers can take them out to our great exercise yards to play a fun game of fetch or for a nice walk around the shelter.

Kitty Cottage
Who doesn’t love cats and kittens? Volunteers are encouraged to socialize with our cats and experience the spunky energy that our kittens possess. At times they may need some help adjusting to their temporary home here at the SAHS but with lots of love and affection from our volunteers, they too will find their new loving family in no time. Never mind that old saying that cats are independent; our cats love the attention our volunteers provide!

Puppy Palace
A wide variety of adorable and intelligent puppies and small adult dogs flourish our Puppy Palace and what better place to spend an afternoon! Our volunteers assist with maintaining a clean, disease-free environment, taking our adult dogs out for long walks in our field, and socializing our puppies in our ever so convenient visitation rooms.

As a clinic volunteer, you will be one of the first to bond with animals that are brought to us and reassure them that they have a bright and promising future to look forward to!  Volunteers help our clinic staff with the receiving of animals, cleaning the clinic area, and bathing our adoptable dogs and puppies.

Get a glimpse of the world of Veterinary Medicine! Volunteers may help with filing, making phone calls, cleaning the surgery suite area and/or equipment, and other duties as needed.

Veterinary Technician Students
Individuals, 18 years of age or older, who have the desire to attend or are currently attending the Palo Alto College Veterinary Technology Program or a similar program can obtain their hours at the San Antonio Humane Society. These programs often require students to volunteer in a veterinary setting supervised by a licensed Veterinarian.

Front Desk & Administrative Supporters
If your specialty is greeting and talking to people, then our very busy front desk and office staff need you! Front desk volunteers help staff manage the vast amounts of paperwork processed each day and administrative supporters work in various departments and help with data entry, phone calls and mailings.

Photography Team
Photographer/Handler: Would you like to use your photography talents and equipment to help animals get adopted? Then we would love for you to be on our photography team! Our volunteer photographers take photos of our adoptable animals in our shelter for our website and possible media outlets, and the handlers assist in capturing these photos.

Description Writer: Are you creative, fun, and love to write? Well, if so, we'd love to have you help our adoptable pets with their descriptive write-ups! This is a great way to volunteer your time and truly help get the word out about our fantastic shelter pets. These write-ups are posted on our website and are sent out to various media (internet, print, and TV).  May be paired up with a photographer if desired.

Videography Team
This cool opportunity involves filming and interacting with our adoptable animals to showcase their personalities and temperaments. These videos may be available on our website and possible media outlets (including social media).

Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer Opportunities

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