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Sleeping dogs

San Antonio Humane Society Pet Care Tips & Info

Puppy Q & A
Put your pet on a diet if overweight
How to get rid of Ticks and Fleas
Tips and Tricks to Avoid Ticks!
Heat Related Illness
Hot Weather Tips
Water Safety
What's poisonous for your pet?
What is Chagas Disease and why should you care?
Plant Safety
Pet Dental Tips
Halloween Safety Tips
Firework Safety Tips
Cold Weather Tips - Keep your pets warm and safe
Read Guidelines & Etiquette for Dogs in the Office
Thanksgiving Safety Tips
Keep your pets safe & sound during the holiday season
Look outside the box - lots of factors to consider when you are looking for a new companion
What are the benefits of taking your dog to a Doggy Day Care?
Breast Cancer Awareness - Therapy Dogs
Pet Cancer Awareness
New Year Fireworks Safety
New Year's Resolutions
Holiday Boarding Tips
Adopting a pet during the Holiday
Reasons to adopt a cat or kitten
Veterans Day
Pit Bull Awareness - Love is the Pits

Dog and Puppy Care

Bark! Bark! Bark!
Canine Rivalry
Children and Dogs: Important Information for Parents
Crate Training Your Dog
Dealing with Normal Puppy Behavior Nipping and Rough Play
Dealing with Normal Puppy Chewing
Destructive Chewing
Developmental Stages Of Puppy Behavior
Dog Bite Prevention and Treatment
Dog Toys And How To Use Them
Dominance in Dogs
Heartworm Information
Housetraining Your Puppy
How to Solve the Digging Problem
How to Use a Head Halter
Helping Your Dog Overcome the Fear of Startling Noises
Inside or Out Making Your Dog Part of the Family
Introducing Your New Dog To Your Resident Dog
Keeping Your Dog Confined To Your Property
New Puppy Dog Supplies
Newborn Puppies - How to take care of them
Nothing in Life is Free
Puppy & Dog Care
Re-Housetraining Your Adult Dog
Sample Aversives for Dogs
Separation Anxiety
Submissive and Excitement Urination
The Canine Escape Artist
The Educated Dog
The Fearful Dog
Understanding Aggressive Behavior In Dogs
Why Dogs Bite - A Guideline For Children

Cat and Kitten Care

Aversives For Cats
Cat Toys And How To Use Them
Choosing a Kitten
Destructive Scratching in Cats
Developmental Stages Of Kitten Behavior
Discouraging Roaming Cats
Feline Social Behavior and Aggression Between Family Cats
Indoors is Best
Introducing Your New Cat To Your Other Pets
Managing Your Kitten's Rough Play
Newborn Kittens - How to take care of them

Other Pets


General Care

Allergies in Pets!
Moving With Your Pet
Pet Theft Prevention
Preparing Your Pet For Baby's Arrival
Successful Cleaning to Remove Pet Odors and Stains
To Spay or Neuter
Travel Tips
Territorial Marking Behavior In Dogs And Cats
Unusual Eating Habits In Dogs And Cats
Quality of Life to the End of Life (By Alice E. Villalobos, D.V.M., DPNAP)

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